A community of faith, hope, and love.  We’re students trying to grow closer to Jesus and form a place where anyone feels welcome to do the same.

Our Core Beliefs

  • People matter to God
  • People need Jesus
  • People need community
  • People need a purpose
  • People need authenticity
  • People need unconditional love
  • People need to feel their questions are valid
  • People are shaped by their culture
  • Spiritual transformation is a journey

Our Mission

Challenging the Truman community to Fully Living, Humbly Serving, and Joyfully Sharing the way of Jesus.

We are supported by Baptist churches from the local area and the state as well as our alumni, student parents and other friends of the ministry. They are vital partners in our work. But our ministry is not just for people who are Baptists. We have students from many different faith backgrounds and we rally around two areas: 1) focusing on Jesus and living like Him 2) fulfilling our mission to the Truman Community. Regardless of where your previous faith journey took you, we invite you to check out the BSU and see if God is leading you to this faith community.